Apple will launch OS iOS 16 on September 12

Apple will launch OS iOS 16 on September 12. Which will give a new look to the iPhone. Which will make it look more attractive. This will be the latest operating system from Apple. Whose update has been brought for only a few iPhone models.

Apple will launch OS iOS 16 on September 12

ios 16
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New iOS 16 to come with new lock screen features.Let’s know about the new features of iOS 16 and also know for which models of iOS 16 will be launched.

iOS 16

iOS 16 will give the iPhone a better look and feel with all-new personalized features, intelligence and communication sharing. 

Apple will launch OS iOS 16 on September 12

Let’s know about the Best new features of iOS 16

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1. Lock Screen

iOS 16 is about to launch with new lock screen features, in which you can customize the lock screen of your phone in any way you like and in this you can also set widgets and font style according to your choice.

2. Multiple Lock Screen

With iOS 16, you can create multiple lock screens on your iPhone and switch between them with a unique style and more easily. You can apply your favorite theme and photo wallpaper.

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3. Notifications


In iOS 16 notifications will now appear in expanded or hidden view at the bottom of the lock screen.

4. Live Activities

You can now easily access live activities on your iPhone’s lock screen in real time without needing to unlock your device.

5. Photos 

ios 16 is coming with smarter way to share photos in this you can now share photos directly from camera for this you don’t need to go to gallery.

6. Massaging

Now you can edit all the messages you have sent and delete all the recently sent messages and you can mark any message as unread.

7. Live Text for Video

Now you can also use live text and translate and share for better interaction during the video.

Which devices will get the iOS 16 update?

Apple has said that the iOS 16 update will not be rolled out to all models of the iPhone. This update will be available for iPhone 8 and above models.

Check the list of eligible iphones

Below are the names of all the iphones that are eligible for the iOS 16 update.

  1. iphone 13
  2. iphone 13 Mini
  3. iphone 13 Pro
  4. iphone 13 Pro Max
  5. iphone 12
  6. iphone 12 Mini
  7. iphone 12 Pro
  8. iphone 12 Pro Max
  9. iphone 11
  10. iphone 11 Pro
  11. iphone 11 Pro Max
  12. iphone XS
  13. iphone XS Max
  14. iphone XR
  15. iphone X
  16. iphone 8
  17. iphone 8 plus

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