How to Start a New Blog in 2022

How to Start a New Blog in 2022 : New bloggers often have this problem that how to start a new blog, what to do for this, then there is no need to worry, today we will tell you How to Start a New Blog in 2022

Today we will know what should be done to create a new blog, how to make it, in which language to write a blog post, on which blogging platform we should create a blog.

How to Start a New Blog in 2022

How to Start a New Blog in 2022

Nowadays it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge to create a blog, just you should have the art of writing and can write it well. So let’s know step by step without wasting time – How to Start a New Blog in 2022

How to Start a Blog Step-by-Step

  1. Domain Registration 
  2. Web Hosting 
  3. Choose Blogging Platform (Blogger , WordPress)
  4. Install WordPress 
  5. Install Theme and Plugins
  6. Make Important Pages( About Us , Contact Us , Privacy Policy and Disclaimer)
  7. Connect your Blog to Google Anlytics and Search Console
  8. Start Writing Your Blog Post
  9. Do SEO of Your Blog Post
  10. Publish Your First Blog Post
  11. Promote Your Blog

Step – 1 : Domain Name Registration

To start a new blog, first you have to have a name for your blog, which is called domain name. This domain name is the basic identity of your blog or website. For example, the domain name of our blog is With the help of this domain name, any user accesses your blog in search engines.

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While choosing a domain name, we should keep in mind that the name we are keeping should be easy and that name must be related to your blog. Most of the efforts should be made that we should always take the top level domain name such as – .com , .in , .net etc.

You can get the domain name from any domain service provider like Hostinger, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost. Here you will get a good domain name for less money.

—– Buy domain name from Hostinger at low cost

Step – 2 : Buy Web Hosting

After taking the domain, you need to take your domain online, for this you need web hosting. Web hosting is a type of server where we keep all the information and content of our blog like articles, photos, videos, etc. 

Web hosting is a computer server network that is connected to the Internet 24 hours. You can easily buy web hosting from Hostinger and Bluehost at low prices, if you take the premium webhosting plan then you also get a free domain.

There are many types of web hosting like –

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Cloud Web Hosting
  3. WordPress Web Hosting

You can take any webhosting service as per your requirement. We should take web hosting which is fast and secure.

Step – 3 : Choose Blogging Platform (Blogger , WordPress)

After taking domain and hosting, it is necessary to choose the blogging platform on which platform we will create our blog. Although there are many blogging platforms, but WordPress is the most used among them.

It is very easy to run wordpress, with the help of this we can easily create blog, website. WordPress is available to use for free. More than 40% of the websites on the Internet are built on WordPress.

Step – 4 : Install WordPress 

How to Start a New Blog in 2022

After taking web hosting, now it is the turn to install WordPress for blogging, when you login to hpanel or cpanel, then you have to install blogging application. Where you get the facility of WordPress install in one click, with the help of which you can install WordPress in one click.

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Step – 5 : Install Theme and Plugins

After WordPress installation, when we login to our WordPress dashboard, we need to install themes and plugins for our blog on that. With the help of themes, we give a good look to our blog while with the help of plugins we keep our blog organized and secure.

Install Theme 

Theme is very important for any blog or website. The theme gives a better look to the blog, which makes your blog look very professional and beautiful.
We should install a lightweight and fast theme in our blog so that your blog can be opened quickly in any device, as well as choose a theme that supports AMP (Generate press).

Install Plugins

Plugins are very important for any blog, they keep your blog correct and secure. With the help of plugins, you can see the performance and health of your blog and also know how many people are visiting your blog.
Some important plugins required for any blog –

  1. AMP(Accelerate Mobile Pages)
  2. Akismet Anti-Spam
  3. All-in-one WP Migration
  4. Classic Editor
  5. Contact Form 7
  6. Google Analytics For WordPress
  7. Jetpack
  8. Rank Math SEO
  9. Smush
  10. Wordfence Security

Step – 6 : Make Important Pages

It is very important to create some important pages for any blog, out of which Home, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer are very important.
It is very important to create these pages. Anyone can contact you by visiting your blog from the contact page. Anyone can know about you through About Us page.

Step – 7 : Connect your Blog to Google Anlytics and Search Console

After creating a blog, it is very important to connect it with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. By connecting with Google Analytics, you can see the traffic coming to your blog and through the search console you can index your posts as well as see the performance of your blog.

Step – 8 : Start Writing Your First Blog Post

How to Start a New Blog in 2022

While writing the first post for the blog, great care should be taken such as the title of the post and the content of the post should be unique and attractive. Heading should be used well in the post, the first heading should be H2, focus keyword should be well done in the post, the number of words in the post should be 1200 to 1500 and the post should have internal link and outbond There must be a link.

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Step – 9 : Do SEO of  Your Blog Post

After writing a post, it is very important to do SEO so that our post can rank on the first page of Google.
Rank Math and Yoast SEO these two plugins are used more for SEO. Both these plugins are available for free.

Step – 10 : Publish Your First Blog Post

After writing the post and doing its SEO, now you can publish your post. Before publishing the post, please see its preview so that if there is any mistake in the post then it can be rectified.
After publishing your post, it must be submitted for indexing in Google Search Console. So that Google bots can index your post quickly and your post gets indexed in Google.

Step – 11 : Promote Your Blog

In the beginning, it is very important to promote a new blog because it takes time for a new blog to be indexed in Google and there is very little traffic on the blog in the beginning, so it becomes necessary to promote our blog.
To promote a new blog, you can take the help of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here you can bring traffic to your blog by creating an account.


Today we have learned in this post that How to Start a New Blog in 2022 , we hope that this information of ours will be useful for you. In such a situation, if you also want to start a new blog, then this time is perfect for you.
In the coming time, we will know how to earn money through Adsense on a new blog.

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