What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization) : Hello friends ! All of you are once again welcome to our Blog sparkhindi.com. Today we will let you know about What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization) in this blog. So let’s start and know what is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)
What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

This is a way in which we try to bring our blog post or page to the top of the search engine or rank it. SEO helps us to rank our posts on the number one rank in the search engines. SEO is very important for any blog post. The ranking of any blog post in Google is decided through SEO.

What is SEO?(Search Engine Optimization)

Types of SEO

SEO is mainly of two types 

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

1. On Page SEO 

We do the work of On Page SEO in our block post or page, such as writing our post well, decorating, good design and making it user friendly.

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Ways to do On Page SEO 

website speed
good website navigation
best titles and tags
Unique URL of the post
internal links
best keyword research

2. Off Page SEO

We do all the work of Off Page SEO out of our posts or pages, such as promoting our blog, creating good back links, etc.

Ways to do Off Page SEO 

  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Bookmarking
  3. Social Media
  4. Commenting on different blogs.
  5. Guest post

SEO Methods

Search Engine क्या होता है?

There are mainly three ways to do SEO.

1. White Hat SEO 

It is also called Ethical SEO or Organic SEO, that is, the SEO that is done properly and naturally is called White hat SEO. This means that the technique of such SEO in which you follow the guide line or rules of the search engine, such SEO is called White Hat SEO. That is, while doing SEO of our post, we do SEO by following all the rules and rules of the search engine and try to bring our website to the first page.

White hat SEO inclides optimising your website following the restrictions imposed by search engine

What are the methods used in White Hat SEO

Our main goal in white hat SEO is that we can reach our user with correct and important information so that when a user searches, he/she sees our website first.

For this we have to apply some tips-

1. Content Optimize 

In Content Optimize, we write the very best content and optimize it well and put good keywords in our content, it is very important to put or write the keywords in the right place.

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2. Quality Content 

For a good SEO, it is very important to always write Quality Content in your post so that when any user comes to your post, he can get all the information there and visit your post for as long as possible.

3. Relewant Internal Links

To SEO our posts well, we must link all our posts and pages among themselves so that any user can easily go from one of our posts to another.

4. Relewant Backlinks 

If we create any back link, then it should be made from a good website so that good traffic can come to our website.

2. Black Hat SEO 

Black Hat SEO is also called Unethical SEO. Here we do SEO of our posts using such methods on which all search engines have banned. Using such methods, we should never do SEO of our posts. In simple language, in Black Hat SEO, we do SEO of our posts by going against the rules of search engines, this is the wrong way to do SEO if you If you use it on your website, then your website can also be blacklisted.

Black Hat SEO includes unethical techniques which are disapproved be Search engines.

Which methods are used in Black Hat SEO?

1. Keyword Stuffing

When we use the same keyword repeatedly, then it is called keyword stuffing, in which we rank the post by using only one keyword repeatedly.

2. Duplicate Content 

When we copy the post from someone else’s website and post it on our website, then it is called duplicate content. But we should not use Duplicate Content at all.

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3. Cloaking 

Cloaking means that when we write some other content and rank it on some other keyword.

3. Grey Hat SEO 

When we do SEO of our post by combining both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, then it is called Gray Hat SEO.


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